Choosing a Maine resort for your relaxing family reunion vacation

family resort in Maine

family resort in Maine

If your idea of the perfect family reunion location is a place which offers many relaxing activities for the whole family, you might want to consider putting Maine resorts at the top of your list. While the state is often regarded as one which lends itself mainly to skiers, hikers, kayakers and other extreme sport enthusiasts, it also offers a plethora of relaxing activities. There is truly something here for everyone.

During the spring, summer, and fall seasons, there are many low-key activities for you and your family to enjoy. The mild weather here makes it perfect for the many walking tours that are offered throughout the state that give tourists a fun history lesson while allowing them to roam around a bit on their own accord. It is a great activity for those who enjoy taking photographs on a guided leisurely stroll. In addition to walking tours, there are also boating trips that will bring your family to one of the many islands off of the coast of Maine, where you can walk around, and even enjoy a lobster bake. If you have young children, choosing relaxing family reunion locations is as important as it is enjoyable for everyone.

Sebasco Harbor Resort is one of the top resorts in Maine for families, because they easily cater to large groups and offer a wide range of activities for both children and adults on over 550 acres of waterfront, woodlands and gardens. It is an ideal place to stay while you are visiting the state if what you’re seeking is relaxation, as it would be hard to not find it here. Whether you and your family choose a resort or something less inclusive, a Maine resort is the perfect family reunion location.

Restaurants in Portland, Maine take part in the statewide treasure that is Maine Restaurant Week

club sandwich portland maine restaurant

club sandwich Portland ME restaurant

The popularity of Maine Restaurant Week, and the public attention that it receives, has grown each year since it was first started in 2009. From March 1st to March 10th, restaurants throughout the state take part in showcasing their meals at budget-friendly prices. For $20, $30, or $40, diners get to enjoy a delicious three-course dinner at participating restaurants that are specifically created for the 10-day celebration. It is a great way to experience the best of what restaurants in Portland, Maine have to offer without spending a fortune.

Maine Restaurant Week was inspired by restaurant weeks that take place in other cities throughout the country, and it was widely welcomed by restaurant owners from Portland to Bangor, as it is a great opportunity to attract new customers and stimulate the local economies during the slow season. With Portland being the backbone of Maine’s growing food scene, the city is widely recognized as a key destination during Restaurant Week, as it boasts superior access to organic meat, produce, fresh seafood, and local microbreweries. Not only is Maine Restaurant Week beneficial to restaurants across the state, it also raises money for various non-profits in the state, such as the Maine chapter of Share Our Strength, which is committed to ending childhood hunger, and the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. By dining at a Portland, ME restaurant during this time period, you are not only getting a great meal; you are supporting the local economy and local charities as well.

If you’re not in town during Maine Restaurant Week, you can still support the local economy by dining at small establishments instead of chain restaurants. Seasons Grille is a Portland, ME restaurant that serves up creative meals that are as fresh as they are delicious, which makes them a great place to check out. Whatever time of year you visit Portland, when it comes to your dining experiences, your expectations will never fall short.

Don’t Risk It, Get the Protection and Security You Need With Travel Insurance

sassasasLet’s face it, getting travel insurance can be a very overwhelming and tedious process, making it easy to put off and even forget entirely. But before you head off on your international adventure, you might want to consider getting coverage through some travel insurance, just to be on the safe side.

With some luck, you’ll be glad it’s something you have and won’t need to use. But we all know that in life things happen, so it’s a good idea to find a travel insurance policy that fits your individual needs, travel agenda, and budget. Many travel agents and private companies offer travel insurance, and they have a wide variety of types and options to choice from.

What does Travel Insurance cover?

Basic coverage of travel insurance includes some financial losses while traveling, as well as limited medical expenses, including medical evacuation. The most common type of travel insurance is trip cancellation or trip delay insurance. This type of policy covers you and your travel companions in case you need to cancel, interrupt or delay your trip. However, the acceptable reasons for canceling or interrupting your trip will depend on the insurance policy, but most likely you’ll be covered for the following reasons:

o Sudden business conflicts
o Change of mind
o Delay in processing your visa or passport
o Illness or injury
o Weather related issues

In case your flight is canceled or delayed, travel insurance companies may provide additional coverage such as expenses that the airlines won’t cover, like taxi fares to the hotel or meals during your wait at the airport.

It’s also a good idea to have a plan with medical coverage of up to $1,000,000 in the case you become ill, need medical assistance, or have a flight accident occur. It’s also good to review the amount deductible by your insurance plan (this is the amount you’ll need to come up with before the insurance company picks of the rest). Make sure it covers repatriation (evacuation to your home country, rather than the nearest regional medical facility); make sure that does not mean you will be sent to the country where you purchased your travel insurance plan either, but your home country. If you’re planning a visit to multiple countries, make sure all the countries are included in the region covered by your insurance policy.

Luggage, Travel Accessories and Other Holiday Essentials

ffsfOk, so you’ve booked your two weeks holiday. You’ve confirmed your hire car collection from the airport, your boss has confirmed your annual leave and you’ve arranged for your neighbour to feed your cat and water your plant. Now all you need is to sort out your luggage, travel accessories and other holiday essentials. An enterprising company could use travel accessories to their advantage. Why not look into the different types of travel accessories available, and choose one to promote your business? They make great gifts, and anyone would appreciate getting some.

It is a good idea to make a list of all the possible things you will need for your trip, including your luggage and travel accessories. This will obviously depend on where you are planning to go, the weather at your destination, and what you are planning to do while you are away. Two weeks lazing on the beach is going to require very different travel accessories from a winter sports holiday or two weeks backpacking in the Andes.

The luggage you take with you will also be different depending on if you’re going to need a suitcase or backpack, for example. There are hundreds of different luggage solutions available to buy now. And, as many people are traveling more often, businesses are using travel related pieces as promotional tools.

A good choice for the holiday traveler is the new type of hard suitcases with wheels. Despite the large sizes that you can buy them in, they are easy to transport due to their wheels. So if you’re the kind of person who always packs enough for two months away when you’re just going for a couple of weeks, then these could save your back from a lot of damage! They are also very sturdy, which is good news when they are being thrown around by airport baggage handlers.Luggage and travel accessories are all great branding tools for businesses, as they are commonly used and many pieces are highly visible by others.

You can often buy matching travel accessories to go with your luggage, including whole sets of hand luggage, a wash bag, comb, brush and toothbrush. You may also need to take travel accessories such as a travel iron, electric plug adapters for the country that you are visiting and an inflatable pillow and eye mask for the journey. If you fly a lot then it might also be worth investing in some travel scales to weigh your luggage so you can avoid the fear of extra baggage fees.